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Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Supply chain management software (SCMS) is a business term which refers to a whole range of software tools or modules used in executing supply chain transactions, managing supplier relationships and controlling associated business processes.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management is a strategy used to learn more about customers' needs and behaviors in order to develop strong relationships with them. It is important in running a successful business. The better the relationship, the easier it is to conduct business and generate revenue.

Accounts and Finance Resource Management (A&FRM)

The Finance Resource Management Module is an integrated Financial and Planning System. It has the capabilities of meeting all the accounting and financing needs of an organization. The real-time functionality of this module allows for better decision-making and strategic planning.

Human Resource Management System (HRM & P)

Human Resource Management System provides a link between human resource management and information technology. This allows enterprises to automate many aspect of human resource management with the dual benefits of the HR department as well as increasing the efficiency of the department by standardizing HR processes.

Fixed Asset Management(FAM)

Fixed assets are often managed through the use of asset tags, which are tracked through serial numbers or barcodes for easier organization, and are filed for the purpose of accounting, maintenance and theft deterrence. Using our FAM, the organizations can record information such as asset type, number, cost, capitalization, location assignment and maintenance schedule.

Point of Sales (POS)

The POS system software can typically handle a number of customer based functions such as sales, returns, exchanges, gift cards, gift registries, customer loyalty programs, BOGO (buy one get one), quantity discounts and much more. POS software can also allow for functions such as pre-planned promotional sales, foreign currency handling and multiple payment types.

Laundry Management System (LMS)

Laundry Management provided the tools to manage all facets such as operation from open to close. With its simple and intuitive user interface, customizable features, speed and the reliability, and detailed business reporting.

Saloon/Beauty Parlor Management System (S/BMS)

The main objective of this module is to create a tracking system for Beauty Parlor Services. The Beauty Parlor Management System is highly interactive and taken as an adaptive approach as compared to the existing system along with a set of advanced tracking features.

Club Management System (CMS)

Clubs are the perfect retreat for families , sports enthusiast and businessmen looking for a quality experience , where they can rely on efficient services. It is also the place to evolve and grow , enabling you to embrace an active lifestyle while socializing. The management of the club members and club amenities is a challenging one.

Property Management System (PMS)

This module facilitate renting out of the flats, Rooms, Villas etc. in an efficient way. It provides Managing Tenants Contract Pre Booking of Flats, Rooms, Villas etc. Maintenance All related Reports.

Gym Management System (GMS)

Gym, Fitness Centers and Health Clubs have always been a popular industry. And normally they have a wide variety of exercise equipment and training services. But they also offer health and beauty treatments to those people who aren't just concerned about fitness, but overall health as well. The booking and scheduling of the services, equipment's and trainers are a challenging factor.

Pharmacy Management System (PMS)

QuickBIS pharma module helps you to manage independent retail pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, outpatient pharmacies, doctors, dispensaries etc. It facilitate you to record the medicine details with batch, expiry date, mrp, supplier, purchase date etc. The minimum stock and reorder level management system in this module make you a tension free environment in this industry for managing the stock of the medicine without any shortage. The quickBIS dynamic report facility helps you to design informative reports for near expired items, expired items, item movement, dead stock items etc.

Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP)

This module facilitates the integration of many areas of the manufacturing enterprise to a single entity. Therefore you can plan and control purposes more easily from board level to operative and from five-year plan to individual shop-floor operation. It builds on closed-loop Material Requirements Planning (MRP) by adopting the feedback principle and also extends it to additional areas of the enterprise, primarily manufacturing-related. It is a total company management concept for using human resources more productively.

Optical Management System(OMS)

With this module you can manage the power, color, sphere, cylinder etc. with a bar coding facility. And also you can manage the warranty of the products. Order taking and deliver reminders are the other features of this module.

Restaurant Management (RMS)

This Restaurant Management System, highly recommended for general type Restaurant and/or Bar, Sandwich Shop, Pizzeria, Steak house, Café Shop, Deli, Buffet, Catering Business, Doughnut or Pastry Shoppe, Hotel restaurant / Kitchen and more. By using this System, the communication between the waiters and waitresses to the staff in the kitchen becomes simpler. All of the orders are processed on the computer and are then sent straight over to a printer in the kitchen so that everything is kept in order from the time it was entered in the computer until it is prepared by the kitchen staff. This ensures that each dine – in customer gets his / her food in the order in which it was ordered and that it cuts down on the amount of time in which they have to wait. In it you can create your different types of menus with images so that the order taking and other processes made simple and fast. This module supports table side order entry and Take Away with mobile / tab device.